Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dead Teamates 2.0


I'd hope that you all can be mature in playing the game and interpreting the rules, but i guess as commisioners Jay and I can only expect so much. In regards to the "dead teammates" rule and how players can do "basically anything they want", neither Jay or I meant for there to be dead players running around waving guns in faces, shooting, screaming, and especially non-players collecting other peoples bullets. I have heard numerous accounts of the aforementioned scenarios today throughout the school day, and I can only hope that you guys can prove those accounts wrong from here on out.
In regards to the Dead Players rule; no dead player may enter a battle that is taking place. They may watch without distracting the other team. The only thing dead players can do is help their team strategize and provide transport. Their houses may also be used. Dead players may also be used as decoys (ex: a dead player on my team gets in one car, pretending to be living, in hopes that the opposing team will follow him).
That is all for now,
Keep fighting the good fight,

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