Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Drive-Bys", Eliminated Individuals, and Youth Groups

A few questions were raised to me today:

1. Does your engine have to be off for you to shoot?

No. Although we put it in our rules initially and discourage it, we have changed the rule to allow car shots. However, whilst the car is in motion, drivers themselves CANNOT shoot or be shot.
As stated previously in the rules, you CAN be shot while driving so long as the car is parked. A bullet hitting a car does not count as a kill.

2. Can dead teammates help fight, even though they aren't using guns?

No. Dead teammates are, well, dead. They cannot help strategize because they are dead. The only thing they can do is help with transportation if nobody else on the team has access to a car or other transport.

3. If I have a youth group (or equivalent) at my house, am I covered by Rule #5?

Yes. As Rule # 5 clearly states, houses of worship are off-limits. This includes youth groups or seminars at people's houses. This game relies on honesty. Please do not say you are hosting a religious event just so you don't get killed. We will be taking your word for it.

We will be back to sort teams into groups over the weekend. Stay legal and enjoy the bloodbaths during this exhibition week.

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