Monday, February 14, 2011

FAQ *updated*

A few questions were asked today regarding Paranoia so here are some quick facts:

a. Can I mod my nerf gun? NO. No modifications can be made to the insides or outsides of the nerf guns. I know you can probably mod the inside and get away with it, but remember this game is all about honesty.

b. If I shoot someone and they shoot a second after, THEN I get hit first and they get hit after who is dead? -Any nerf dart in the air before death occurs is live. Be honest and this will be much more fun.

c. What if we don't know who shot who first? Step 1- don't ask me I have not idea. Step 2- come up with a solution such as a 10 step draw or a one room shootout or something to settle it. step 3- email me the final result only when it is finalized and all arguments are over.

1. As the GBS Hockey team is not actually school-sponsored, bringing your nerf gun to the ice center is FAIR GAME. All previous rules apply, though, so no bringing your nerf gun in your car to school, then going over to the ice center.

2. The parking lots next to the Pioneer Press building, across the street from school are PROHIBITED territory for nerf guns.The only reason anyone should be in those parking lots is to park a car on your way to school. These people cannot receive an unfair advantage over everyone else who parks in the student and conditional lots.

3. No more teams can be added to South Paranoia, sorry to those teams that could not be added.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact either Jay Binstein or myself via facebook or email

Keep up the good work,

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