Thursday, February 10, 2011


First off please read the SEASON FORMAT if you have not already.

Second, some additional tips you have to follow if this game is going to be successful and fun for everybody.

1. No painting guns - scares the crap out of parents, neighbors, policemen and old people alike - no need to draw unnecessary attention to Paranoia-related activities.

2. Be wary of the police -Do not be suspicious and attempt to point Nerf guns at the policeman. Might be a myth, but I heard Paranoia got shutdown in Northbrook because some idiots scared a policeman, probably should avoid this. Also generally avoiding police attention is a good idea.

3. No questionable disguises - to avoid people trying to exploit the above "police" rule. While engaged in play, players may not be dressed as law enforcement officials or other questionable outfits. This should eliminate any reasons to suspect that someone that appears to be a policeman would ever actually be a member of the opposite team.

4. No blaming the game - participation in the game is completely voluntary and the process is disclosed beforehand. Thus, "Paranoia" or "I was ambushed with Nerf guns" should never be an excuse that is presented for a player for lateness to school or any other infraction of expected school behavior. If a Paranoia related battle has made you late, realize that you could have just allowed yourself to get shot and gone to school on time and that you were likely forced into such a position because of insufficient strategy foresight. If Period 1 teachers start having groups of students late due to "Paranoia" and it gets to the point they talk to each other and realize tons of students are involved and could be potentially late, they could talk to the Dean's office. So why risk it? Just take the hit and don't blame the game.

5. Stay off of neighbors property. While your parents know about the game because you told them you were playing your neighbors may not. If people stake you out on your neighbors property, they might not take well to it and do something that could lead to the game being shut down.

Thanks to Mitch for the suggestions,

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