Monday, February 7, 2011

Please Read!

With week 1 play officially underway, it is vital we all follow the rules in playing. Please, please, please remember to keep your guns at home during the school day, and keep the guns off of school property at all times. It is very important that no incidents occur where a gun ends up at school, it will ruin the game for everybody that wants to play. Serious consequences will be handed down from the school if any incident occurs. If you plan on making a hit after school, run home, grab your gun and then make the kill. Also, pleas remember that illegal actions are still illegal in playing this game, so breaking into an individuals home without permission for example can, and likely will get you into trouble. Running around at night with a Nerf gun can look suspicious, so be careful. Have fun, and keep the elimination (kills will be referred to as eliminations from now on) updates coming to me at Make sure you read and understand the rules and ask if you have any questions.


Jay B

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