Saturday, February 12, 2011


Please do your best to limit discussion of "killing" and "shooting" during school. If faculty over hear discussion about these things, which they likely will if you are talking about it, they will likely assume you are talking about real killing. We want this game to be fun and last until the end of the season like New Triers has, but too many incidents at school where teachers panic hearing people talking about killing, or one incident of a gun in the car expulsion and the game will be done without a doubt. While at school it is fine if you talk about the game, but instead of thinking of the kills as kills, think of them as 'tags.' This ultimately is a giant game of tag with nerf 'blasters' so if we all have this mentality rather than the 'gun' and 'kill' mentality there will hopefully be no incidents where a teacher is forced to report someone for talking about an innocent game and having them receive serious consequences for misperceived words.

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