Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Week Update

So far week 2 is progressing slightly slower than week 1 with the amount of kills, but I have been very impressed with the individual performances this week.

Members of the 3 kill club:

Dan Bernstein (Infinity and Beyond)
Peter Montesantons (Bukkake Beasts)
Simon Kim (Levin the High Life)

2 kill Club:
Andy Dunk (Goon Squad)
Charlie Day (Flow)
JC Dagle (dropouts)
Spencer Ford (Eat Shit Derek)

If any of you desire to say a short word about any of your kills, e-mail me something and I can post it by your name. It could help you win some player of the week votes if you keep it up and make the poll.

Comment with your early favorites for player of the week.

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