Saturday, February 12, 2011


Please do your best to limit discussion of "killing" and "shooting" during school. If faculty over hear discussion about these things, which they likely will if you are talking about it, they will likely assume you are talking about real killing. We want this game to be fun and last until the end of the season like New Triers has, but too many incidents at school where teachers panic hearing people talking about killing, or one incident of a gun in the car expulsion and the game will be done without a doubt. While at school it is fine if you talk about the game, but instead of thinking of the kills as kills, think of them as 'tags.' This ultimately is a giant game of tag with nerf 'blasters' so if we all have this mentality rather than the 'gun' and 'kill' mentality there will hopefully be no incidents where a teacher is forced to report someone for talking about an innocent game and having them receive serious consequences for misperceived words.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


First off please read the SEASON FORMAT if you have not already.

Second, some additional tips you have to follow if this game is going to be successful and fun for everybody.

1. No painting guns - scares the crap out of parents, neighbors, policemen and old people alike - no need to draw unnecessary attention to Paranoia-related activities.

2. Be wary of the police -Do not be suspicious and attempt to point Nerf guns at the policeman. Might be a myth, but I heard Paranoia got shutdown in Northbrook because some idiots scared a policeman, probably should avoid this. Also generally avoiding police attention is a good idea.

3. No questionable disguises - to avoid people trying to exploit the above "police" rule. While engaged in play, players may not be dressed as law enforcement officials or other questionable outfits. This should eliminate any reasons to suspect that someone that appears to be a policeman would ever actually be a member of the opposite team.

4. No blaming the game - participation in the game is completely voluntary and the process is disclosed beforehand. Thus, "Paranoia" or "I was ambushed with Nerf guns" should never be an excuse that is presented for a player for lateness to school or any other infraction of expected school behavior. If a Paranoia related battle has made you late, realize that you could have just allowed yourself to get shot and gone to school on time and that you were likely forced into such a position because of insufficient strategy foresight. If Period 1 teachers start having groups of students late due to "Paranoia" and it gets to the point they talk to each other and realize tons of students are involved and could be potentially late, they could talk to the Dean's office. So why risk it? Just take the hit and don't blame the game.

5. Stay off of neighbors property. While your parents know about the game because you told them you were playing your neighbors may not. If people stake you out on your neighbors property, they might not take well to it and do something that could lead to the game being shut down.

Thanks to Mitch for the suggestions,

Regular Season


Regular Season starts next week and we have come up wit the format. There will be 20 groups of 4. Over 3 weeks each team in the pool will play one another. A win is worth 3 points, a tie is 1 and a loss is 0. At the end of the three weeks, the team in each of the 20 groups with the highest point total will advance to the playoffs. 32 total teams will advance to the playoffs, so to decide the last 12 spots, the 12 teams with the most total kills over the 3 week regular season will advance. This is good news for the teams on the wait list because you are now in the game. The only way you will be able to move into the playoffs, though, is by having a top 12 number of kills. We are going to only accept 3 more teams to even out the extra teams to 12. That is all, I know I've caved in twice allowing more teams, but not a third time.

Please, if you are going to stay in the game and not drop out play the three weeks as best as you can. There are no quitters between this monday and the post season.

Thanks, and I'll get the groupings up soon.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Drive-Bys", Eliminated Individuals, and Youth Groups

A few questions were raised to me today:

1. Does your engine have to be off for you to shoot?

No. Although we put it in our rules initially and discourage it, we have changed the rule to allow car shots. However, whilst the car is in motion, drivers themselves CANNOT shoot or be shot.
As stated previously in the rules, you CAN be shot while driving so long as the car is parked. A bullet hitting a car does not count as a kill.

2. Can dead teammates help fight, even though they aren't using guns?

No. Dead teammates are, well, dead. They cannot help strategize because they are dead. The only thing they can do is help with transportation if nobody else on the team has access to a car or other transport.

3. If I have a youth group (or equivalent) at my house, am I covered by Rule #5?

Yes. As Rule # 5 clearly states, houses of worship are off-limits. This includes youth groups or seminars at people's houses. This game relies on honesty. Please do not say you are hosting a religious event just so you don't get killed. We will be taking your word for it.

We will be back to sort teams into groups over the weekend. Stay legal and enjoy the bloodbaths during this exhibition week.

Important rule updates

1. Please tell your parents you are playing

2. eliminated/ dead members-
a. Can drive their teammates to targets and help locate targets.
b. Can not help with the kill in any way. No distraction, no human shielding, etc...

3. Non team members
a. Can drive to hits and help locate hits
b. Can serve as a distraction or bait.
c. Cannot be a human shield
d. Can give any advice to any team (if team A asks individual where team b is, they can turn around and tell team b that Team A is likely on the way).


If this game is going to work it is very, very important you tell your parents. It can look suspicious to someone who does not know what is going on when some kids are standing in their front lawn with Nerf blasters. This is a simple rule and will help avoid any run-ins with the great men and women of the Glenview Police Department. You don't want to be the kid whose parents call the police on your friends, so just let them know what is going on with the game.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Late Arrival

Because tomorrow is a late arrival, shootings can occur before the 10 am start of school. Same rules still apply in regard to guns at school and on school grounds-they aren't allowed. Hopefully the kill total skyrockets tomorrow. have fun.

Jay B.

Please Read!

With week 1 play officially underway, it is vital we all follow the rules in playing. Please, please, please remember to keep your guns at home during the school day, and keep the guns off of school property at all times. It is very important that no incidents occur where a gun ends up at school, it will ruin the game for everybody that wants to play. Serious consequences will be handed down from the school if any incident occurs. If you plan on making a hit after school, run home, grab your gun and then make the kill. Also, pleas remember that illegal actions are still illegal in playing this game, so breaking into an individuals home without permission for example can, and likely will get you into trouble. Running around at night with a Nerf gun can look suspicious, so be careful. Have fun, and keep the elimination (kills will be referred to as eliminations from now on) updates coming to me at Make sure you read and understand the rules and ask if you have any questions.


Jay B

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week 1 Schedules

Hello again,
Schedules are up and available. You can start planning your hits now, but the game will not begin until 12:01 A.M. tonight. Have fun and send in all kill information (who died who was the killer, etc...) with the team names to me is very important so I can keep track of scores and deaths. There is one matchup of juniors v. sophomores which I was trying to avoid, but because there were an uneven number in the divisions I figured it wouldn't be a problem for the exhibition week. Let the bloodshed begin at midnight.

Jay B.

Week 1

Teams for week one are now official. I am working on a schedule and it should be up soon. This week is an exhibition week, so it will not count towards season records. Teams can still be submitted for the season by next Sunday 2/13 at 12:01 A.M. Remember to read the rules and have fun playing. We are working on a system for the playoffs, but it depends on how many teams register, so sign up and invite your friends to sign up.


Jay B