Thursday, February 17, 2011

FAQs Round 2

hello all,
I am happy to report this week has been very successful with very little incident. Remember to solve any disputes before emailing me the final kill updates as I am already swamped with emails. Thanks, and on to the FAQs

1. I am going out of town, what do I do?
-It depends when you are going out of town. If you are leaving before Friday, you must find a replacement player for the week by saturday so I can update the roster with the sub. It is still your job to inform your opponent of the change. If you are leaving for only the weekend-friday, saturday and sunday- you still play the week, but inform your competitor that you will be leaving so they can tag you before you leave. This, of course, was not a rule before this week, so any travelers this week are off the hook. Leaving town can be a tremendous strategy if your team is ahead, but it doesn't mean you can't be followed. One player vowed to travel to vegas to hunt down an opponent. I'm not sure if it will happen, but I'm sure his opponents are paranoid.

2. I am on my way to school or work can I be shot?
-Yes, until you break the threshold of the office building or school property you are fair game. No guns on school property whatsoever. If you plan on getting someone before school you must drop your gun off before heading to the GBS campus.

Thanks for reading,


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dead Teamates 2.0


I'd hope that you all can be mature in playing the game and interpreting the rules, but i guess as commisioners Jay and I can only expect so much. In regards to the "dead teammates" rule and how players can do "basically anything they want", neither Jay or I meant for there to be dead players running around waving guns in faces, shooting, screaming, and especially non-players collecting other peoples bullets. I have heard numerous accounts of the aforementioned scenarios today throughout the school day, and I can only hope that you guys can prove those accounts wrong from here on out.
In regards to the Dead Players rule; no dead player may enter a battle that is taking place. They may watch without distracting the other team. The only thing dead players can do is help their team strategize and provide transport. Their houses may also be used. Dead players may also be used as decoys (ex: a dead player on my team gets in one car, pretending to be living, in hopes that the opposing team will follow him).
That is all for now,
Keep fighting the good fight,

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Locations and Rule Change

We just got a call from a player who went for an elimination at caribou coffee. The manager at caribou got upset and said next time he sees a nerf gun he will call the police. Don't go for eliminations at caribou anymore.

please think about where you are going to go for your kills. Almost anywhere outside is ideal, except of course GBS. At your opponents house is another key spot. When you go for a kill indoors, think about the atmosphere of the place. If it is somewhere where peace and serenity are valued, don't go for a kill there. The library, for example, probably isn't a smart place to go for a kill because you will make a scene.

Think before you act and this game will be fun. Be extremely careful with cars. We allow them because they add an element to the game, but they can be dangerous if used improperly.


Monday, February 14, 2011

FAQ *updated*

A few questions were asked today regarding Paranoia so here are some quick facts:

a. Can I mod my nerf gun? NO. No modifications can be made to the insides or outsides of the nerf guns. I know you can probably mod the inside and get away with it, but remember this game is all about honesty.

b. If I shoot someone and they shoot a second after, THEN I get hit first and they get hit after who is dead? -Any nerf dart in the air before death occurs is live. Be honest and this will be much more fun.

c. What if we don't know who shot who first? Step 1- don't ask me I have not idea. Step 2- come up with a solution such as a 10 step draw or a one room shootout or something to settle it. step 3- email me the final result only when it is finalized and all arguments are over.

1. As the GBS Hockey team is not actually school-sponsored, bringing your nerf gun to the ice center is FAIR GAME. All previous rules apply, though, so no bringing your nerf gun in your car to school, then going over to the ice center.

2. The parking lots next to the Pioneer Press building, across the street from school are PROHIBITED territory for nerf guns.The only reason anyone should be in those parking lots is to park a car on your way to school. These people cannot receive an unfair advantage over everyone else who parks in the student and conditional lots.

3. No more teams can be added to South Paranoia, sorry to those teams that could not be added.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact either Jay Binstein or myself via facebook or email

Keep up the good work,

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week 1


Let the season begin. Have fun and follow the rules. Don't bring your gun to school- a fake kill is not worth expulsion.

1 v. 2

3 v. 4

Top team in each group advances to the playoffs and then the next 9 teams with the most kills.