Thursday, February 24, 2011

Guns At School

For those of you who think you are above the rules, this is for you:

I am forming a list of people who bring guns to school. Please, do not be one of these people. If we find out you brought a gun to school, you are dead on the week and the other team is credited with a kill. Lets keep this game the way we initially set out for it to be, fun and legal


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Week Update

So far week 2 is progressing slightly slower than week 1 with the amount of kills, but I have been very impressed with the individual performances this week.

Members of the 3 kill club:

Dan Bernstein (Infinity and Beyond)
Peter Montesantons (Bukkake Beasts)
Simon Kim (Levin the High Life)

2 kill Club:
Andy Dunk (Goon Squad)
Charlie Day (Flow)
JC Dagle (dropouts)
Spencer Ford (Eat Shit Derek)

If any of you desire to say a short word about any of your kills, e-mail me something and I can post it by your name. It could help you win some player of the week votes if you keep it up and make the poll.

Comment with your early favorites for player of the week.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 1 power rankings

1. Team Taliban- Ruthless tagger, always on the attack and seeking out casualties. Beat their opponent 5-0.

2. Bad News Bros- The BNB’s beat down on Make me a Sandwich 5-2. They are prone to silly mistakes which keeps them from the gleaming #1 spot, but once the kinks are worked out, most people who know the ins and outs of Paranoia fear the ruthlessness of the 'Bros.

3. Eat Shit Derek- Drake sucks, almost as much as that Juicy Arenson kid... however, A 5-2 beat down of the Chica Gurlz puts Eat Shit Derek into the #2 spot going into week 2 thanks to undeniable MVP Spencer Ford.

4. Bukkake Beasts- Beat there opponents 4-0, but it is unclear if they can sustain their winning against stronger teams.

5. WMDs- beat an attacking Kiss my Anthia team 5-1, but relied heavily on Stormin' Mormon Owen Haglund pulling a miraculous 4 kills out of seemingly nowhere to secure victory.

Sound off in the comments with your opinions.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week 2


For week 2, team 1 will play 3 and 2 will play 4.

1 v. 3

2 v. 4

Remember to refresh on the rules and submit kills to

Pleas include teams and first and last names of the people in the emails, it helps me stay organized.