Thursday, March 10, 2011

Playoff Rules


I've received a number of requests to change players out for the playoffs.
1. This is acceptable up to a maximum of two players, no more.
2. You cannot drop players still interested in playing.
3. Vote for slippery when wet <-----
4. Email all changes to me at

Thanks, Jay.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Nope. No more time for joking. its the Paranoia Playoffs.

First matter of business is deciding our last 5 playoffs teams. If your team is 1 of the 7 team names in blue on our Playoff List, then you are currently ON THE BUBBLE. Go to the poll and vote for your favorite out of the 7 teams to decide who is here to stay and who is going home early. The top 5 vote getters will be awarded a spot.

Congratulations if you are one of the 27 teams who is currently on our Playoff List. Your team name was highlighted in red because you either:
A) won enough games to win your group
B) showed enough determination to get into the red zone by racking up kills


To cover tournament prize expenses, all 32 playoff teams must submit a nominal fee of $15. For those mathematically challenged, that is $3 per player. Please elect one person to be responsible for your team's fee, and give it to the commisioners by this upcoming Sunday, March 13th 2011.
Playoffs do not begin until next week.

Please do not try and form your own matchups this week, as it will cause much confusion and could potentially lead to other undesired outcomes.

Once again, congratulations, you're moving on to the next round.

Conor and Jay

Playoffs- Red is in- blue is bubble team - black is eliminated

12 Dilf Squad

11 Bukkake beasts

10 Alpha Cowboy Lightning Force

9 WMDs

9 To Infinity and beyond

9 Eat Shit Derek

8 Abusement Park

8 Boner Soup

7 Bad News Bros

7 Goon Daddys

7 Fighting Pandas

6 Certified Goon Squad

6 Team Taliban

6 Dropouts

5 Slippery When Wet

5 Thug Life

5 The O.G.s

5 Xmen Crazy

5 Team Flow

5 Invisible Ninjas

5 Racially Intolerant Pineapple People

5 Team Nerd

5 Wolf Pack

5 Spinal tappers

4 Master Chefs

4 Make Me a Sandwich

4 Birth Controllers

4 Shop Boyz

4 The Wolf Pack

4 Levin The high life

4 Hot and Dangerous

4 Pecan Sandies

3 Callahan Auto Parts

3 Abominable Snowmen

3 Dirty Bits

3 Prestige Worldwide

3 One Stripped Zebras

3 Ferocious 5

3 Jungle Speed

3 Determination to get into the Red Zone

3 Team Ramrod


3 Odd Future

3 A Team

3 Spanish Inquisition

3 Neon Sombreros

3 Chica Gurls

3 Kilz4Kaz

3 Spanish language News Team

3 Phat Chick

2 MLG Pro Status

2 Team Friendship

2 Sebby

2 Greatest Show in Nerf

2 Red Hot Oompa Loompas

2 Ba donka Donks

2 Cook County Coons

2 The Executioners

2 Team Lyngso

2 Big League Chew

1 The Poon Squad

1 Nugg Juicers

1 Kiss My Anthia

1 Too Can Clan

1 Dominate

1 Gaylords

1 Carry Big Sticks

1 dead rabbits

1 Gentlemans Club

1 Rocked

1 The Buhnahnah Knut Krutcherz

1 Lyon Boys

1 Black QWOPS

1 The Church of Holy Mooseology

1 Green Hornets

0 Team Swag

0 B@llers

0 Sexy Panthers

0 Bloodbath and Beyond

0 Vicious and Delicious

0 Shots

0 Argyle Dream

0 Unstoppables

0 New Guys

0 Money Pimps

0 Awesome Town

0 The BAs

0 Infant Sorrow

0 Golden State

0 Friday Force 5

0 Men and McAley

0 Hood Rats