Saturday, April 2, 2011

Swag 16 matchups

PLEASE PAY! If you are still in and don't pay by the end of this week you will get an automatic loss. If you aren't still in, pay because you didn't withdraw your team when I gave you the chance and you took the spot of teams that were willing to pay.

Dilf Squad v. Racially Intolerant Pineapple Experts

Too Infinity and Beyond v. The Wolf Pack

Wolf Pack v. Ferocious 5

Taliban v. Bad News Bros

WMDs v. Xmen Crazy
Owen Haglund killed Thomas Kim
Owen Haglund killed Tom Meyer

Spinal Tappers v. Hot and Dangerous
Tim Cho killed Sarah Feaster
Tim Cho killed Annie Engels

Annie Engels killed Tim Cho
April Cronin killed Julio Santos
April Cronin killed Steven Lee

Eat Shit Derek v. Dropouts

Goon Daddys v. Bukkake Beasts
Peter Montesantos killed Peter Heles

Send updates to me Play begins as soon as monday starts.