Player of Week

Player of the Week will be awarded each Monday to the player with the most votes. Nominees for player of the week will be the top 5 players in terms of statistics.

Week 3- Johnny Cowhey: Fighting Pandas - 3 kills:  Johnny Cowhey had his home raided by three members of the opposing team.  Betrayed by one of his own family members who let the opposition into the home for a 'project,' Cowhey had to act fast.  Locking himself in his room, Cowhey loaded up the his guns and prepared to face battle.  Cracking the door and firing a quick shot, Cowhey eliminated one player, but the other two pushed forward.  As one member forced the door open, Cowhey was able to hit him in the foot.  This left him one v. one with the final opponent.  with only 1 shot left in his gun, Cowhey made a run for his bed, dodging two shots on the way.  As he reached shelter, he turned and fired a quick shot, striking his opponent on the knee cap, ending the battle and Ultimately winning the match for his team.

Week 2: Peter Montesantos: Bukkake Beasts-5 kills:  Peter proved to be a dominant force over his competition this week by eliminating all 5 of his opponents.  Not only did Montesantos perform the first perfect week, he did so without help from his teammates; he literally carried his team on his shoulders.  Although there was controversy over 3 of his kills, Montesantos' great understanding of the rules proved worthy.  While at work, Montesantos noticed 3 of his opponents outside waiting for him in the parking lot.  According to the rules, you can not be shot or shoot at work, but at work was later defined as in the building one works at.  Nevertheless, Montesantos clocked out of work before sneaking around the building and unloading shots on his unsuspecting competition.

Week 1: Owen Haglund-WMDS-4 kills-

"so i get home, pull in my driveway and put my car in park...and FREAKIN kevin
(cohn) and andrian (nanos) jump out by my garage and im like fahhhhhhh
im screwed. so i kept the doors locked obviously...and they were like
dude just make it easy for urself and step out of the car so we can
get it over with. and im like NO i refuse to die. so i call eric
(kogut), put him on speakerphone and im like dude you have to get here hes on the way. and i discretely pulled my revolver (the
non-auto one) out of the pocket on the back of the passenger seat. i
put it between my legs, with one hand by the window like
testing out the windows on the opposite side to see how fast they
move. then eric drives past to check it out and takes a lap around the
block. chris frank, my neighbor, pulls up and blocks my driveway. (at
this point theyre both like 10 feet to my left) then chris like sees
eric running towards the house so he gets kevins attention...and then
adrian isny paying very much attention so i roll my window down, shoot him, cock my gun as he yells to kevin, and as kevin moves toward mefrom my 8 o clock, i put my gun over my shoulder out the window and shoot him SQUARE in the forehead"  -The real story of Owen Haglund
Player of the Week 2/8-2/13: Thomas Brown (3 Kills)- When Bobby K. saw Mike Molloy and David Lino pull into his driveway, he knew they wanted blood (figuratively).  Bobby snuck out the back door of his house and entered his neighbors house, a close friend of his, where he called Brown for backup.  Molloy and Lino were staked out in Bobby's driveway.  Brown pulled his car up, blocked the drive way and called bobby.  Brown made a run to the car to get position, for when Lino and Molloy made there move.  When nothing happened, Brown grabbed the handle of the car assuming it was locked.  To his surprise, the door opened.  he avoided a shot from Lino and proceeded to put consecutive shots the heads of Lino and Molloy for a great double elimination.