Paranoia Rules

Rules for GBS Paranoia

1.1: You MUST tell your parents you are playing.  If someone is trying to "kill" you and they enter your house and the parents don't know it could be problematic.

1.2 The objective is to "kill" all five members of one randomly-assigned team per week. If you are killed, you are done for the week and can no longer take part in killing other members of the opposing team. At the end of the week, the team with the most kills will be declared the victor. Ties are allowed.

2. Games start on Monday at 12:01 AM, and end on Sunday at 11:59 PM. Parents must be told about the game to prevent any problems that may arise from the game.

3. No killing may occur while school is in session (8:00-3:15). This includes students who are off-campus during open lunch and field trips.

4. NERF GUNS ARE NOT ALLOWED AT SCHOOL NO MATTER WHAT. They should also not be in your car while it is parked at school.

5. Glenbrook South's campus is off-limits at all times. This includes all parking lots and affiliated buildings. Also, houses of worship are off-limits.

6. Only authorized NERF or NERF-like guns are permitted. This means no NERF footballs, swords, battle-axes, BB guns, paintball guns, real guns. Only NERF bullets are allowed (not NERF ball projectiles), and they must be shot from one of the allowed guns. Bullets cannot be thrown or touched to the victim.

7. If there is an argument over whether someone has been assassinated, the shooter has the final word. HONESTY is essential to this game.

8. Anything you are wearing or carrying on you counts as part of your body when you are being shot. This means that if you are holding a backpack and get it gets shot, you are dead. This also prohibits the use of shields. You may not block any bullets, and if you are also killed if your gun is hit.

9. Dead players may not be physically involved in killing other players.  ***  *** UPDATED

10. You may not shoot or be shot while naked.

11. You may not be be shot at during a school-sanctioned sporting event, home or away. Track runners are safe and may not shoot or be shot while running around the streets of Glenview during their practice.

12. You may not shoot or be shot at while you are at work.

13. You may be shot inside your home, however the commissioners are not liable for any incidents that may occur if anyone decides to break into their opponents' homes. You may not enter an opponent's home uninvited between 10:00 PM and 5:00 AM. Use common sense when considering entering someone's home. Remember that what you are doing may still be illegal. If you aren't sure, just play it safe. And might I add, if anyone decides to wake me up at 5 AM I won't be a happy camper.

14. Siblings are not allowed to sabotage each other.

15. No stealing of weapons or paraphenalia from anyone's arsenal.

16. You can be hit while in your car, but simply hitting the exterior of the car and not the person does not count as a kill.

17. No NERF gun should be brought to any school grounds at any time (meaning not just GBS).

18. You are highly encouraged to not do anything illegal in this game. Be prepared to pay for the consequences of your actions. The commissioners are not responsible.

19. In order to change your team, you must notify and get approval from one of the commissioners by e-mailing

20. All kills should be e-mailed to ASAP. Please include PARANOIA in the subject line and details including time, location, assassinator(s), victim, and anything else you wish in the message. If it is good enough, it will be posted for everyone else to see.

21. Please, please, please use common sense. If you see someone and are not sure if it is your opponent, please do not point your gun at that person.

22. Cars can be used, but the driver cannot shoot or be shot.  Please don't do anything stupid with a car.  life is more important than an imaginary kill