Week 2:


Week 1: Look at groupings and the first team listed will play the second team listed, third team listed v. fourth.

1 v. 2

3 v. 4


Slippery when wet v. Sexy panthers

Bad News Bros v. Poon Squad

MLG Pro-Status v. Kiss my Anthia

Certified goon squad v. to infinity and beyond

Master Chefs v. Team Friendship

B@llers v. Team Swag

Caucasian Invasion v. Too Can Klan

Make me a sandwich v. One striped zebra

Shots v. greatest show in Nerf

Prestige Worldwide v. Team Taliban

WMD's v. The gaylords

Average Joes v. Odd Future

Ba Donka Donks v. Jungle Speed

Dropouts V. Xmen Crazy

Abominable snowmen Vicious and Delicious

Nugg Juicers V. Bloodbath and Beyon

A-Team v. Bukkake Beasts

Mighty Ducks v. Alpha Cowboy Lightning Force

GOONDADDYS v. Fighting Pandas